20′ PW DC (20’ pallet wide dry cargo container)

20’ containers are ideal to transport weighty cargo such as sugar, machinery and paper, rather than voluminous cargo.

“Pallet Wide Containers are manufactured approx 4 inches (10.2 cm) wider than standard width containers to enable the stowage of more pallets in a single tier thus eliminating the unused space that can occur in a standard width container.

Euro-Pallets are ideally used in a Pallet Wide container as these fit in tight and the risk of the cargo moving around during transit is completely eliminated. Pallet-Wide containers are ‘heavy tested’ and payload capacity does not remain much of an issue. ”

Tare Weight2250kg4960.40lbs
Payload Capacity28230kg62236.49lbs
Maximum Gross Weight30480kg67196.89lbs
Cubic Capacity33.081168.26ft³
A 20' container can hold 11 Euro-pallets in one tier or 10 Standard-pallets in one tier
Internal length5.89m19.32ft
Internal Width2.35m 7.70ft
Internal Height2.39m7.84ft
External length6.05m19.84ft
External Width2.43m7.97ft
External Height2.59m8.49ft
Door Opening Width2.34m7.67ft
Door Opening Height2.36m7.74ft

Container dimensions are standardized by ISO for guidance only. Slight variations between manufacturers’ specifications may occur.