20′ Platform

Platforms consist of a steel and wood floor structure and are the solution for extremely heavy duty cargo and ‘out of gauge’ cargo. There are no side or end walls on a platform.

Tare Weight2520 kg5555.64 lbs
Payload Capacity 27960 kg61641.24 lbs
Maximum Gross Weight30480 kg67196.89 lbs
External length 6.05 m19.84 ft
External Width2.43 m7.97 ft
External Height0.37 m1.21 ft
Door Opening Width2.33 m7.64 ft
Door Opening Height2.28 m 7.48 ft
Roof Opening Width 5.41 m17.74 ft
Roof Opening Length 2.2 m7.21 ft

Container dimensions are standardized by ISO for guidance only. Slight variations between manufacturers’ specifications may occur.