40' DD DC – (40' Double Door Opening Dry Cargo Container)

40’ Containers are manufactured with one set of double doors on one end of the container and are generally ideal to transport voluminous cargo such as furniture, cotton, tobacco, rather than heavy cargo.

Double Door containers are manufactured with two sets of double doors on each end of the container rather than just on one end. Cargo can be accessed from either end of this container eliminating the need to unload the entire container to access goods stored towards back end. Double Door containers are also ideal for storage and can be compartmentalize into two sections.

 Metric Imperial 
Tare Weight3860kg8509.84lbs
Payload Capacity26620kg58687.05lbs
Maximum Gross Weight30480kg67196.89lbs
Cubic Capacity67.562386.11ft³
A 40' container can hold 25 Euro-pallets in one tier or 21 Standard-pallets in one tier
Internal length12.03m39.46ft
Internal Width2.35m7.70ft
Internal Height2.39m7.84ft
External length12.19m39.99ft
External Width2.43m7.97ft
External Height2.59m8.49ft
Door Opening Width2.34m7.67ft
Door Opening Height2.28m7.48ft

Container dimensions are standardized by ISO for guidance only. Slight variations between manufacturers’ specifications may occur.

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